International College of Professional KInesiology


Finding Balance in all Aspects of Life


Dr. Dewe, co-founder of the International College of Professional Kinesiology discussing the benefits and potential of Kinesiology as a professional practice.

Self Care

International Certificate in Self Care

Prerequisites: None
Duration: 2 days - 16 hours 

Price: $525.00 

BKP 1.101 Energisers and Self Testing 

BKP Certificate

International Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Principles

Duration:  192 hours 

Price: $5997.00

Early Bird $5497.00

BKP 1.101 Energisers and Self Testing 

BKP  1.102 Manual Muscle Testing 

BKP  1.103 5 Element Introduction - Yin Balance 

BKP  1.104 Kinesiology and Superficial Connections 

BKP  1.105 5 Elements - In-depth 

RBT 12.201 Clinical Body Contact 

BKP 1.106 Professional Skills, Balancing Protocol with Database 

BKP  1.107 Pain Reduction 

BKP  1.108 History/Balancing with Food

BKP  1.109 Advanced Muscle Techniques, Reactivity and Posture 

BKP  1.110 Client Health Records and Professional Relationships 

EMS  2.201 Mastery of Emotional Stress Release   

Module descriptions

Basic Kinesiology Module Descriptions (pdf)


PKP Certificates

ICPKP International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice™

Encompasses Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Principles

Prerequisites: International Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Principles
Duration: 386 hrs at KCC 

+Register for a First Aid and

+Register for A&P and 

+Receive Personal PKP sessions

Price:  $19,970.00

A&P  1 Anatomy & Physiology 1 (Distant Learning / Home Study)

OCT 4.202 First Aid & Resuscitation (Standard First Aid Training & CPR, eg. from St John's Ambulance) 


EMS  2.301 Genetic & Meridian Emotional Release 

EMS  2.302 Subconscious Self Perception 

EMS  2.303 Dreams, Goals and Attitudes 

EMS  2.304 Releasing Limiting Stress Responses 

MST 14.201 Muscle & Skin Activation

MST  14.202 Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Muscle Protocol 

MST  14.203 Hip, Leg, Foot Muscle Protocol 

MST  14.301 Head, Neck and Trunk Muscle Protocol 

MST  14.302 Touch, Clothes and  Environment 

MST  14.303 Emotional Anatomy & Intelligence 

HMR 13.201 Hypertonic Muscle Release HMR 13.301 Hypertonic Release - Arms and  Legs 

HMR 13.302 Hypertonic Release - Head, Neck,  Torso 

ECO 6.201 Lifestyle & Dietary Modification 

ECO  6.202 Immune Mismatch Responses: Allergies & Sensitivities 

ECO  6.301 Adrenal, Geopathic and Life Energy 

ECO  6.302 Cleansing & Detoxification 

JAF  5.201 TMJ & Cranials

JAF  5.301 Ligaments and Joints 

JAF  5.302 Injury, Strain and Inflexibility

PIB 3.203 Basic Brain Skills

VEF  7.201 Flower Essences 

VEF  7.301 Gems & other Vibrational Energy Fields 

VEF  7.302 Metaphysical Energy Fields 

 CBP Anatomy & Physiology 2: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pathology (Distant Learning / Home Study) 

SSC Supervised Student Clinic Experience (50 hours) Practical / Practicum experience 

CPS Clinical Practice Client Sessions (50 hours) Practical / Practicum experience 

PKS Personal Kinesiology Sessions (minimum 5) Practical / Practicum experience


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